Thursday, 9 April 2009

je suis autre


performance of obduracy | weightless dispersion | evaporation | all of us reinvent ourselves - some are more drastic than others | culturally displaced - seeking an identity in time - eschewing chronology in favour of loosely thematic clusters | jacques lecan - the impossibility of seeing the self - the idea of identity constructed in the nonrelation between the subjects misconstrued perception of his own autonomy - the mirror stage | ideas about identity and perception are as much matters of instinct as they are realisations of theoretical interests | an absent subject that knows itself to exist in other forms beyond the picture | the self portrait as representation is anything but transparent -reflective | they are performances of mutability fragmentation and fantasy in which the subject is anything but self meditative and the principle revelation offered is that the artist is someone else | provisional psyche | hegel -that which is capable of maintaining within itself its own contradiction | having the capacity to recognise that ones self is outside ones representation | je suis autre - rimbaud


1 comment:

jack said...

These invisible objects of your affection seemingly loss –only to
reappear as shadows on dark oceans of reflection
shadows given voice – brought into being made flesh within
the lens – the aperture of your obduracy

a mirror that looks back and holds a shape
whilst the face of the holder is equally obscured
may suggest the loss of self identity or the division of identity
it then follows the refection caught in the mirror reinforces the notion
of two forms -once joined create the single self – the power of two combined