Sunday, 28 June 2009

light and more light


did a photo shoot with john and stavroula the other day and its probably the worst set of photos i've ever shot [nothing to do with this image] we set out to do something and never did it, the original idea was hijacked and the result is embarrassing apart from the lesson learnt. focus and control need to be maintained and if there are only two shots to be had then two shots it is.
quote from aperture magazine: 'there is a kind of image that, although quite serene in itself, is charged with energy and dynamism. in such images the drama per se may not be overt, and yet its weight is felt in this calm moment'

Bad Intentions

(Ravaged by my bad intentions to Labradors).
Lip tinted

Knowing you posed those last photographs for him,
deceiving your planes
into Rembrandt's molded curves.
Fingertip memento
tedious as piano notes
embedded in a sweltering afternoon.

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malex said...

I don't know about the whole set, but I like this photo, it's mysterious with good light and simple :)
I prefer to just enjoy the result then to think about some ideas...