Wednesday, 24 June 2009

time to adjust the temperament

what creates a sense of place that transcends the actual? - silk curtains read as plastic by a lens. and then some thoughts conjured by john's 3rd installment of the blonde woman - the present is eternally infernally shaping itself, puppet on the strings of what will be what was, a shadow dance or ghost in a double exposure; is it really there? perhaps only in moments like when the earthquake shunts the house about and you sit terrified in the very lengthy here and now - a state of suspension - true.
can one live in the present, in the moment unless one is an amnesiac, but even amnesia must have a memory/sense of the future?
still days on the beach, no ripples in the water also - this allows the present to be just as it is meant to be - the adventure we speak of - a boat passing - come on john, lets go swim... o and i love this line - an Aladdin’s lamp - bright - new - all rub and no genie
i have some images at fstop - group exhibit

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