Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sunday, 14 March 2010

after the fall

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yet the fall is an illusion...thanks to mel for the title. John and i have been working in someone else's vineyard this week, pruning vines and rebuilding fallen terraces. there was something in the region of six thousand vines and there are countless falls in the walls due to neglect over a period of time. It was very exhausting but gratifying work, up in the mountains. there is also a sense of satisfaction in seeing the result as both activities bring a kind of order to the chaos. it also brings home the degree of illusion there is to life on a screen.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

fatalism - nihilism - the end of the world

i'm astounded by the amount of documentaries/movies circulating at the moment about the end of the world. whether due to cosmic reasons, natural disasters or human planetary abuse. i wonder what this propaganda of fear is disguising. last night i watched the consequences of an earthquake [.8] taking place on the New Madrid fault Line in [under] Missouri - pretty grim stuff. The fact that there seems to be some hefty seismic activity taking place at the moment [chile, haiti] only accentuates the fear when watching these 'potential for disaster' programs. Our minuteness becomes diminutive in relation to our growing knowledge of the cosmos and it seems to create a kind of fatalism. i don't suppose anyone will bat an eyelid if one country were to nuke another when the collective is concerned about mega earthquakes, super volcanoes, astroid activity, sun spots, famine, global warming/freezing, super viruses, overpopulation etc etc etc. i was thinking of listing every program i caught on this theme, just as a curiosity about the numbers, but then i'm full of nonsensical resolutions in these precarious times.
not that these thoughts have any relation to this image, far from it, though she could just have frozen in the notion of annihilation... not really; the beauty of the present moment and its infinate potential, if only we could see it.

Monday, 1 March 2010


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the tension of space between people and the environment they inhabit, by that i don't imply a negative tension, just being or spacial tension and the way the camera can see that. i suppose its what interests me the most, this suspension in the moment of time space.
also something featured here, that i didn't know was there, until just now.