Friday, 28 May 2010


john had his Herodotus series featured on mire magazine.
coincidentally my titling of these images seems to have a mathematical aspect - mmm well that would be a case of self flattery as i haven't got a clue - just a sense of wonder at the mystery. on the question of the truth or non-truth of a photograph in this instance - night; many factors conspire to weave optical illusions such as the size and proportion of this building in relation to the figure - 80mm fixed lens distortion. someone mentioned gregory crewdson, someone else mentions lynch as regards the series - in the likeness of - but association [flattering or not] aside, photographing at night offers the same kind of compositional confinement that indoors has, just can't deal with those big open spaces. Am wondering whether to add these 2 or 1 of to the last quatrain.
the fracturing dislocating vision that only the camera supplies - sontag [yet again] has become the reality of the way we have been taught to see. Some clever thoughts - or perhaps what now seems a stating of the obvious - which is one of the consequences of time on most things. i have got to stop making sweeping generalizations about things because the broader picture is pretty bleak - whereas the minutiae are infinitely magnificent. although thinking about it ... the cat killed a lizard - the cat normally kills things for fun and only ever eats dry biscuits - but lizard she seems to have a taste for, though this one seems to be partially unpalatable due to the fact that it is/was full of eggs - so after she consumed it from tail to egg section she left the trophy on the path where it is now a feast for ants. i didn't know lizards had eggs packed in them like that - one wonders where the internal organs go to make room for so much egg.
Also interesting article related to the oil spill posted by Ruth on FB, shame john deleted his 'rant' over there - it would have tied in with his argument, but he likes deleting.

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